There are many things that make the collaborative space that is E7 studios unique. Not least that they’re home to Ólafur Arnalds, and you can often hear Sigur Rós working next door. But what really makes this space special is the secret door that leads into the alarming broken synth cave that is Arnar’s space.

He fixes and mods synths for many of the top artists in Iceland and has only one rule: the more fucked up the synth, the further ahead it gets in the queue! It is probably no coincidence that Arnar has a secret door connected directly to Olafur Arnald’s studio. With Olafur’s heavy reliance on vintage kit, a lot of which have moving parts, it means he often needs a direct line to the best restorer and servicer in the business. Whilst Iceland is now a thriving 21st century hub of technology, finance, research and a cultural melting pot, it still is a lonely island in the middle of the Atlantic. Arnar is the guy who has kept the valves burning brightly within the kit being offloaded from cargo ships and planes on an almost weekly basis by the feverishly competitive eBay combatants clustered on this sparsely populated volcanic rock in the middle of the ocean.