Behind The Black Weekend

Here we take a look behind Spitfire Audio’s ‘The Black Weekend’ campaign including a special In Depth from Oliver, talking us through his cover of Edward Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’.  

You might have noticed that our activities last weekend had a distinctive theme. It all started with Lead Designer Tom and his interest in sundial quotes or mottos. Typically time-related, sundials have historically borne poetic phrases ranging from the lightly humorous to positively glum. Given the time-limited nature of ‘deals’ across Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we decided to use these quotes as a centre-point for our campaign. We took the quotes and married them with a series of images and videos which captured a sentiment that often occurs here in London - the collective haze of people across the city entrenched in the daily grind. Why so gloomy? Well, we figured that The Black Weekend was an opportunity to reflect on the seeming rapid passing of time and consider what would be necessary to break the mould. New libraries? Spirited endeavours with your fellow composing community? Aspirations to become the next Zimmer? That’ll do it. 

To further underpin this idea, and of course to do what we like to do most, we scored the bejeezus out of it. In the video above, Oliver breaks down his approach to creating the music for the campaign....

Oliver Talks Through his composition for the black weekend.