Behind The Curtain: Vogar, Iceland

A behind the scenes look at shooting our Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions campaign. 

On the 2nd January 2018, a few of the Spitfire team travelled to Iceland to shoot the campaign for Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions. With a brief created before Christmas and with strong references to follow it was essential to find the right place to shoot that would set the tone for the library. 

Sveitarfélagið Ölfus, Iceland.

The team arrived at Sveitarfélagið Ölfus early and discovered a cafe that sat alone on the side of the main road. What made it stand out was the lighting the surrounding mountains and vast open land. Stopping off here for a couple of hours, our videographer managed to capture the short film I’ll Ask Him.

Discovering Vogar, Iceland.

Day 2 of the Chamber Evolutions shoot took the Spitfire team to Vogar, a half an hour drive outside Reykjavík. Vogar runs along the coastline sitting between Reykjavík and the international airport at Keflavík.

Moral was high as the references that were used to create the brief, Vogar ticked all of the boxes. The early morning light was just right as well as the layout of the town. It was eerily peaceful and a rarity that you saw anyone walking around. Here the short films Between A Tree And A Tree  and Can you See Through  were filmed. 

The shoot took the whole morning and whilst it was absolutely freezing moral was high. Our videographer Ben had managed to capture those simple moments in Vogar that made the final edits for the short films even more magical. The group had two whole days of exploring unknown landscapes to gather all the assets for the campaign. On completion, we went to visit Olufar at his studio in Reykjavík.