Collaborative Spaces: Bleeding Fingers Music

We travel across the pond to L.A. to visit a team of composers who are really making waves at the moment... 

Bleeding Fingers Music is a joint venture music production company set up by Hans Zimmer and his business partner Steve Kofsky, and Extreme Music, the production music arm of Sony / ATV originally set up in 1997 by Russell Emanuel and Dolph Taylor. Emanuel is the Chief Creative. The company works with new and established composers and has its studio complex on Zimmer’s Santa Monica campus.

Spitfire’s Christian and Paul visited Bleeding Fingers to continue investigating collaborative music spaces worldwide earlier this year. A welcome day trip away from the LA sun, it provided Spitfire with an opportunity to meet some new friends and see how Bleeding Fingers operates its renowned creative hub.

Spitfire collaborated with Bleeding Fingers to create the Tidal Orchestra for Zimmer’s creative team to use to score the BBC show Blue Planet 2. This library was used to create Radiohead and Zimmer’s collaboration ‘(Ocean) Bloom’. With some extra material recorded, the library was then released as Spitfire’s ‘Orchestral Swarm’.