Over the years we have experimented with different ways of creating and delivering up-to-date, informative and useful manuals. We've never quite found a solution that we are totally happy with, especially as we're constantly updating our libraries often rendering manuals obsolete. However, as so few of our customers actually read the manuals getting this task right always got pushed to the back of the queue. You may also have noticed that we have recently refurbished our site from the ground up. Part of this refurbishment will be a fantastic way of delivering up-to-date user manuals. However we're not there yet, which is why your user manual is sadly absent for this product. We do apologise wholeheartedly for this, but not all is not lost. If you go back to the product page and find Paul's walkthrough video this, we guarantee, will show you everything you need to know about the library and its use.

If you're experiencing any further difficulties please don't hesitate to get in touch with our young and enthusiastic support team.

Best wishes.

Paul, Christian & The Spitfire Team.