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Own several of our libraries already? Want to add to your Spitfire arsenal? Think you’d like a bundle but already have a couple of products in it already? Well, login to your spitfire account, pop the bundle in your cart, check-out and our store will make sure you’re not overcharged!

Here’s a few pointers to get the best out of this service.

• The shop will deduct the discounted price of any of the products you own from the bundle you’re buying. So if you’re buying the “Albions” – bundle which is £749 down from a sold separately price of £1017, a discount of 26% – and you already own Albion 1. You will need to pay £490.74 + VAT (in the EU) to complete your bundle. Which is a further deduction of £258.26 which is Albion 1 discounted at 26% as per the rest of the bundle.

• We don’t recommend buyers of the original Sable Promo Bundle and the HZ01/HZ02 Bundle to try and use this service in conjunction with any Bundle that contains a Sable product or HZ01/02 product, as the system we had in place with that promo has since changed. This is something we will rectify soon. But in the meantime please contact us direct on the email below and we’ll process your order manually.

• Please don’t use this service in conjunction with any other promo or discount vouchers. It won’t work and may take some unpicking if you attempt it!

• We also recommend you use this service as a single bundle sale, so please do not put any other products or bundles in your cart.

• This service only works if we absolutely have the correct records for you. It is not uncommon for people to have more than one account or email registered. To make sure we’re up-to-date and you’ve got everything you should have on your account please log into your Spitfire account and give it a check. If something’s not right or you need us to merge a couple of accounts, ie a .mac and a .gmail for example, then contact us on the email below.


Bundle Matrix

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Spitfire started from one simple question “why are samples recorded differently to normal recordings”. So at first it was about the room, the mics, the engineers, the musicians and then the instruments. But then it became about artists, where do the best sounds come from, is it from sample developers or is it from the artists who win the Oscars, Brits, Grammys and Ivor Novellos? From that point on we have scoured the world to find you the most inspiring people making the most inspiring sounds. The next evolution in our history is a very natural one…

We’re now pleased to announce our latest range. The Spitfire Extended Family is a series of products produced by 3rd party developers and friends. The beginnings of a collection of the finest, most unusual and inspiring samples out there. Meeting with Spitfire’s exacting standards to ensure Spitfire Audio remains home to the highest quality samples and VIs money can buy in this increasingly congested, confusing and sometimes desperately disappointing marketplace.

Enjoy samples that we have enjoyed over the years, meet new and interesting devs and talent, enjoy the genesis of first time developers and entrepreneurs bringing there wares to market, enjoy with us those we never thought of but wished we had!




So it’s only right that we have reached out to our favourite UK based sample developer Sound Dust, as well as the hugely successful sound design and music production company; RedCola to help realise their sampling ambitions, and of course to a totally new developer Snug who we have helped set up shop and who is working hard to put something truly amazing on our shelves!

The Extended Family range is an invite only scheme for developers. If you feel you may fit the bill, here’s some more info on what we can offer 3rd party developers with a bit of Spitfire flare:

Having invested heavily in a system that replaced PayPal, eJunkie and the excellent Continuata service, we offer our 3rd party developers a 1st class secure and watermarked and watertight shopping experience for their clients. We have an after sales service that is renowned throughout our industry as prompt, polite and dedicated. However, being part of the Spitfire extended family isn’t just about distribution and aftercare.

Extended family and friends get to use the Spitfire quality seal to endorse their products. They get to take advantage of Spitfire’s large mailing list, subscribers to channels, social media and the many forums it operates on. Spitfire has an incredibly far reach and gets its products on the desks of many of the world’s leading industry publications, online bloggers and reviewers. Not to mention a large sponsorship program, bold presence both at NAMM and Musikmesse alongside a bold and consistent print press advertising presence.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Spitfire “brings to market”.
To ensure that any products on Spitfire’s shelves adhere to it’s strict policy on sound, usability and functionality we can offer a “bring to market” service that is scaled to suit the proficiency of the developer. Is everything already built? Does your GUI already looks great? Fantastic! We’ll beta test it for you, watermark it and place it into our ultra secure shop.

Need some packaging done? No problem.

Need a GUI redesign and some scripting? Consider it done.

Just got a bunch of sounds? Well wouldn’t you know, we have a selection of off-the-shelf GUIs & scripts which we can build for you:

These massively field tested and award winning GUIs can be aesthetically tweaked to feature your logo and colour scheme. Our customers are familiar with them and we have dynamic user manuals and youtube walkthroughs littering the net! So we can get you to market quickly, and your customers can get up and running even quicker!

So I’m an established sample dev, does this mean I have to shut up shop in order for you to stock my stuff?

No! Imagine we’re like Liberty of London. They curate and stock the best lines from the best fashion collections, for example, 6 dresses from Vivienne Westward and a dozen lines from Tom Ford.  While Tom and Vivienne still have their own boutiques around the corner. We’ll even link to your store.

I make really good sounds but I wouldn’t know where to start building these into a Kontakt instrument, or how to market it, in fact I’m not even a business-person, could I really make some money from this?

Yes you can! We can hold your hand all the way, even help you with a company logo and advice on how to set up your website. Working on EXS, we’ll port it over, or you can simply send us your WAVs. By paying musicians and being at the centre of the British music and film industry, we’ve proven ourselves to be the good guys. We haven’t run for the hills with our successes and loot, we’ve reinvested in a huge engineering infrastructure and royalty department here in London.

The Extended Family range is an invite only scheme and not every dev will be a good fit. Indeed we may even be aware of a similar product in our pipeline that could potentially clash with yours. But if you like our approach and feel you’ll fit into the family, please drop us a line and tell us about your wonderful sounds and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Next step? Email us at the address below and we’ll let you know if we think your sounds are a good fit for our Extended Family range.


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Crooked Darlings

Every once in a while I stumble into something and think “that is so Spitfire” with Christmas a mere month away I thought I’d share some of my stumblings. First up Crooked Darlings, funny, beautiful and just so wrong… I believe also that this site has just gone live, so they’ll make very cool presents that people are unlikely to have seen.





A Year After Moving In

In a somewhat belated entry we visit the chaps one year into their tenure at their new facility. We find Christian having downscaled his IT and proudly showing off his fine collection of vintage analogue synths, and his prized Euphone. Paul is present having now moved back from LA and is in the thick of things on a must-see prime-time police series coming to UK screens soon.

Thanks very much for your support whilst we made this, and we hope we have provided, if a mere grain, a little bit of insight into considerations when building a work space and possibly a little inspiration about how best to do it.

Many thanks.

The Spitfire Team.