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The second instalment in the award winning new gold standard in symphonic strings. A sixty piece string band (16,14,12,10,8) playing fundamental articulations. Making the Mural collection a truly professional deep sampled set of Great British strings.
  • 63767 samples
  • 112.6GB uncompressed .wav
  • 74.2GB disk space required
  • 148.4GB disk space required during install
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Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound logo
Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound
“From time to time I earmark certain sounds which I know will inspire me to compose. Such a sonority is Mural’s low strings playing pizzicato in octaves: the combined effect of the weighty, elephantine string plucks and Lyndhurst Hall’s misty, wafting ambience is awesome.”
Gregory Paxton, Film and Game Composers logo
Gregory Paxton, Film and Game Composers
“For me, both the patina and talent of instrument and instrumentalist, with the magic of Air Studios itself, is inherent not just in Mural 2, but throughout the BML series as a whole. It is, to my ears, the best sound available.”
KEITH GEMMELL, Music Tech logo
“With a rich tone, versatile mic’ing plus basic and advanced controls, Mural Volume 1 is an excellent full-size string library that’s perfect for film and media projects.”
Richard Henley Davis, The Economic Voice logo
Richard Henley Davis, The Economic Voice
“Mural is the way forward if you want the realistic grandiose sound of a symphonic orchestra so I give full marks 10/10 to Mural two for being a most expressive, sensitive and downright beautiful follow up to Mural One and the expansive BML range.”
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